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2012, Shooting Movies Ltd, Directed by Allistair Mitchell

Emily – fifteen and pregnant – faces her parents’ anger and disbelief when she cannot name the man involved. As her parents plan a termination for her, Emily starts a video diary to document her own bewilderment and the effect of her pregnancy on her family. What looks to start out as a domestic drama of underage pregnancy soon turns into an extraordinary record of international significance.

Revealing a naive and vulnerable young girl, the diary follows Emily’s emotional journey leading up to the impending termination. However, events quickly take an unsettling and malevolent turn.

Arriving at the clinic, Emily encounters the crazed locum Art Chitins who chillingly glories at the prospect of destroying the foetus, and despite a fire and the harrowing sounds of screaming infants, is intent on carrying out his ‘moment of triumph’. Emily’s escape leads not only to reconciliation with her parents, but the subsequent involvement of police and investigative agencies.

As more and more extraordinary and unexplained events ensue, including mysterious telephone calls and cash deposits from eminent persons, Emily with the help of her brother Stu, finally confront the truth about her pregnancy. All the evidence is pointing to a very different – and staggering – reality, one that will lead to the greatest revelation of all time.

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